About Us

Flemingo Duty Free – Ethiopia is part of Flemingo Enterprises; a global duty-free and travel retail operator with a focus on emerging markets. Flemingo Enterprises is currently operating in 12 countries with over 27 stores in Asia and Africa.

At Flemingo Enterprises, we wish to bring all that the world has to offer to our stores and customers. In our mission to become the preferred travel retail and duty-free operator, we have always adopted a customer-centric and employee-enriching approach.

Led by a team with 25+ years of industry experience, we are one of the most diverse travel retail operators with businesses across several different channels. Flemingo Enterprises operates across different formats like duty-free shops in airports, borders, downtown and seaports. We also have UN commissary shops, diplomatic duty-free food and beverage.

We are also exploring new avenues by offering a pre-order facility for a hassle-free shopping experience. Flemingo Enterprises keeps innovating to keep up with the time!

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